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Bill's Bio

Filmmaker Bill Williams’s Upcoming Film “Triumph Over Adversity” Seeks to Empower Indigenous People.  Filmmaking can be a powerful tool for social change.  For Bill Williams, owner of BGW Film Studios, filmmaking has taken on a new dimension and has become the vehicle through which he champions causes that he is passionate about.  One such cause is the self-reliance and independence of indigenous people such as the First Nations, the Metes, and the INUIT people.  To achieve this, Bill has also embarked on an ambitious journey to train and equip a new generation of filmmakers.


Who is Bill Williams?


Bill has learned to overcome insurmountable odds.  Born with club feet and clinically deaf in both ears, Bill learned to excel and view his challenges, not as handicaps but as opportunities for growth.  At an early age, the Social Service Agency (the equivalent of Child Protective Services in the U.S.) separated Bill from his mother and placed him into the foster care system.  But there, he learned to read and even go fishing on the weekends.  Life has not been easy for Bill.  After the numerous surgeries performed on his feet and ears, doctors could not assure him he would ever walk or hear.  He endured excruciating pain and even remembers an angel visiting him every night to console him until he fell asleep.  After being kicked out by his foster parents at the age of thirteen years old, he was assigned to independent living after Social Services was unable to locate another foster parent for him (foster parents mostly wanted either toddlers or children younger than Bill). Two weeks after leaving foster care, Bill Williams was abducted, raped, and left for dead up in the mountains, an ordeal he remembers vividly to this day. But instead of dwelling on the incident and letting it define him, Bill who later married drove to the mountains with his wife to the spot where the assault had occurred.  He reached with the extension of his hand in a peaceful gesture and said:


 “I forgive you, and I let you go.”


That was a defining moment for Bill Williams and it was there that the trajectory of his life changed.  Triumph over adversity Bill Williams has since focused his energy on empowering indigenous First Nations People, the Metes, and the INUITS and sparring them towards self-reliance and economic independence.  His most recent project is a film named “Indigenous Success Stories” which was born out of his desire to portray the indigenous people in a positive light.  Decrying the lack of positive films on indigenous groups, Bill’s film sheds light on lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, the arts, and many other high-trained professionals who thrive within the First Nations, Metes, and INUIT communities.


Today Bill Williams is a renowned filmmaker through his company, “BGW Film Studios” where he is aiming to make documentaries series on the First Nations People in addition to other scripts, such as for television, and screenplays.